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Important Voting Information
November 2008 * Vol. 18, No. 11
A roundup of voting news from the Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) for voters, potential voters and those who assist voters.

Late Counting:  The following states allow extended counting of absentee ballots for the November 4, 2008 general election:  Alaska , Arkansas , District of Columbia , Florida , Georgia , Illinois , Iowa , Maryland , Massachusetts , Montana , New York , North Dakota , Pennsylvania , Texas , Utah , Virgin Islands, Washington , West Virginia , and Wisconsin .  All require the ballot to be voted and mailed no later than the day of the election.  See the October issue of this newsletter, or visit
www.fvap.gov requirements.

The Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot (FWAB) should be used if the requested state absentee ballot has not arrived in time to allow the voter to return it by the state deadline for counting.  If the voter has yet to receive his or her state absentee ballot have them fill out and mail in the FWAB now.  However, FVAP recommends that citizens always vote and return their regular state absentee ballot, regardless of when they receive it up to and including Election Day.  See the October issue of this newsletter or the FVAP website for State-by-State Ballot Return Deadlines.

Postmark:  When mailing your voted ballot, please ask the mail clerk to hand stamp the ballot envelope so that a date is clearly visible.  The dated postmark will help ensure that the Local Election Official can make a proper determination of timely mailing.  Generally, if a state allows late counting of ballots, the ballot envelope must have been mailed on or before Election Day.

Affidavit, Notary or Witness:  The following states require an affidavit, notary or witness on the ballot return envelope for both the state issued ballot and the FWAB:  Alabama , Alaska , Guam Louisiana , North Carolina , Puerto Rico , South Carolina , Virginia and Wisconsin .  Refer to the State-by-State Instructions at
www.fvap.gov to determine if your state requires the voted ballot to be postmarked.

Questions regarding absentee voting should be referred to your Voting Assistance Officer or refer to the 2008-09 Voting Assistance Guide at


Arizona announced a new web-based voting system for overseas voters to securely submit their voted ballots for the upcoming General Election. More information can be found at www.azsos.gov  by clicking on the "Military & Overseas Voter" icon.




Visit www.fvap.gov more often to keep current on news and updates for UOCAVA citizens.  Check the updates to the Voting Assistance Guide from the FVAP website and ensure your hard copy of the Guide is up to date. 

Voting Action Officers

Department of State: Office of Overseas Citizens Services
Chief VAO: Ms. Elizabeth Gracon (202) 736-4986, fax: (202)
647-6201, votinginfo@state.gov
Deputy VAO: Mr. Tyler Mason (202)647-6129, fax: (202) 647-6201

Service Voting Action Officers
Army: Mr. Alton Perry (703) 325-4530, DSN: 221-4530, fax:
(703) 325-4532, DSN fax: 221-4532,

Navy: LT Jason Watkins (901) 874-6647, DSN:  882-6647, fax:
(901) 874-6844,
DSN fax: 882-6844, vote@navy.mil,


Air Force: Mr. Gilbert D. Harrison, Jr. (210) 565-5000, toll free:
1-800 616-3775 (Select options 1, then 1, then 2
from menu), DSN: 665-5000, fax: (210) 565-2543, DSN fax:

Marine Corps: Mr. David E. James (703) 784-9511, DSN: 278-9511, fax:
(703) 784-9823, DSN fax: 278-9823,


Coast Guard: LTJG Frank Marcheski (202) 475-5382, fax: (202)
475-5927, Frank.A.Marcheski@uscg.mil

Links to the Services' websites are available at www.fvap.gov.

Federal Voting Assistance Program
Department of Defense

1155 Defense Pentagon
Washington, DC  20301-1155

(703) 588-1584
DSN 425-1584
TOLL FREE: 1-800-438-VOTE (8683)

FAX: (703) 696-1352
DSN 426-1352

Visit our website for international toll-free phone and fax numbers.

Email: vote@fvap.ncr.gov

Comments or suggestions on this newsletter are welcome and appreciated.  Website:www.fvap.gov

Posted: Thursday, October 9, 2008 10:43 AM by Herb Kinsey


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