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U.S. Primary Election Dates

The following states will hold Primary elections early in 2008. An asterisk indicates a change from the date printed in the Voting
Assistance Guide:

New Hampshire* January 8, 2008
Michigan* January 15, 2008
South Carolina* (R) January 19, 2008
Florida January 29, 2008
South Carolina* (D) January 29, 2008
Alabama February 5, 2008
Arizona* February 5, 2008
Arkansas February 5, 2008
California February 5, 2008
Connecticut February 5, 2008
Delaware February 5, 2008
Georgia February 5, 2008
Illinois February 5, 2008
Missouri February 5, 2008
New Jersey February 5, 2008
New Mexico (D) February 5, 2008
New York February 5, 2008
Oklahoma February 5, 2008
Tennessee February 5, 2008
Utah February 5, 2008
Louisiana February 9, 2008
District of Columbia* February 12, 2008
Maryland February 12, 2008
Virginia February 12, 2008
Washington February 19, 2008
Wisconsin February 19, 2008
Massachusetts March 4, 2008
Ohio March 4, 2008
Rhode Island March 4, 2008
Texas March 4, 2008
Vermont March 4, 2008
Puerto Rico March 9, 2008
Mississippi March 11, 2008


New Hampshire and Michigan have scheduled their Presidential Primary elections. New Hampshire will conduct their Presidential Primary election on January 8, 2008 and Michigan will conduct their Presidential Primary election for January 15, 2008.

Voting Assistance Officers should inform New Hampshire and Michigan voters and provide help as required in requesting and returning their absentee ballot.


If you have not done so already in calendar year 2007, all members of the U.S. Uniformed Services and their family members and citizens residing outside the U.S. who are either New Hampshire or Michigan residents should request a ballot by completing and submitting a registration and ballot request Federal Post Card Application (FPCA), SF-76, as soon as possible. The online version of the FPCA is available from the FVAP website at www.fvap.gov/pubs/onlinefpca.html


The FVAP can be contacted via 1-800-438-8683. Citizens may reach the FVAP toll-free from 67 countries using the toll-free numbers listed on the FVAP website, www.fvap.gov. Questions regarding the above may also be referred to the Director, Federal Voting Assistance Program, Department of Defense, 1155 Defense Pentagon, Washington DC 20301-1155 , and email at vote@fvap.ncr.gov.

Posted: Wednesday, November 28, 2007 10:35 AM by Herb Kinsey


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