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Condos for Sale in Real Del Mar, Tijuana, Baja California $179,000
18 photos
Bella Vista Real del Mar 105 sq. m. 3 Story $179,000 USD
Condos for Sale in Monumental, Tijuana, Baja California $249,000
31 photos
Condominio Penthouse en venta Park Towers Playas de Tijuana, Suite Piso 11 166 sq. m. Apartment $249,000 USD
Sale Pending
Condos for Sale in Costa de Oro, Tijuana, Baja California $264,550
19 photos
Aqua Residencial 2651 Avenida del Pacifico, Suite 202(New Construction) 2,035 sq. ft."Including Terrace" Single Story "Propane available in these condos" SALE PENDING
$264,550 USD
Condos for Sale in Canadas del Florido, Tijuana, Baja California $275,000
34 photos
Casa-Condominio en Cañadas del Florido, Tijuana. 233 sq. ft. 3 Story $275,000 USD
Condos Sold in Costa de Oro, Tijuana, Baja California $407,000
59 photos
2651 Avenida del Pacifico, Suite 601 2,137 sq. ft."Including large oceanview Terrace" Single Story "Some seller financing considered" SOLD  $407,000 USD
Condos for Sale in Cubillas, Tijuana, Baja California $5,533,000
17 photos
Quinta Astoria condominium for sale - Tijuana - , Suite Condominio en Venta - Tijuana - Quinta Astoria(New Construction) 108 sq. m. Apartment $5,533,000 MXN

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