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As a matter of policy, MLS Baja Properties, S.C. does not market properties which we know cannot be delivered free of all liens and with title that is clear and transferable.  We do not market properties on lease land, ejido land or those with known title litigation problems and encourage all buyers, at all times, to mandate as part of any offer, that the property be eligible for title insurance.  Those we have researched are our brokerage listings.

Properties listed on this page of our website are the listings of other agents and cannot be guaranteed by MLS Baja Properties, S.C., to be available, properly priced and described, have clean title, or be free of any liens or eligible for title insurance.

We know many could be good value, while others may present problems with safe conveyance of title or other issues.  Should any interest you, we would be happy to research them and set up a showing at your request.

Baja California Real Estate Listings - the most comprehensive list of Baja Real Estate for sale we know of.

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7 photos
Paseo de los Heroes #9111 Zona Urbana Rio Tijuana, Baja California
playas de tijuana $185,000,000 MXN Single Story Commercial
46 photos
La Mision Land for Developers
La Mision $30,000,000 USD Single Story Residential
46 photos
Calle Jaime Nuno No. 486
Ensenada COL. HIDALGO $15,995,000 MXN 8,665 sq. ft. Single Story Residential
37 photos
Punta Eugenia #181
Ensenada Chapultepec I $14,990,000 MXN 8,073 sq. ft. 3 Story Residential
5 photos
Entrada de Ensenada, FRENTE AL MAR
El Sauzal $10,000,000 USD Single Story Residential
6 photos
35 Casas en Calle Liquenes , Suite C-14 Lomas del Desierto 35 CASAS EN VENTA!
Lomas de Rosarito $9,500,000 MXN 71 sq. m."each house" 2 Storey Residential
51 photos
Kings Villas
Ensenada Playitas $9,500,000 MXN 4,306 sq. ft. 2 Story Residential
32 photos
Calle Punta Eugenia Fraccionamiento Chapultepec Primera Sección, Suite 183
Chapultepec I $8,300,000 MXN 450 sq. m. Multiplex Residential
14 photos
Costa Azul $8,000,000 USD Single Story Residential
10 photos
Saldamando Hillside, Tij-Eda Highway
Playa Saldamando $8,000,000 USD Lot / Land "At the entrance of the city" Residential
8 photos
Privadas Del Rosario, Suite (Entrada a Santa Fe)
Santa Fe $7,264,000 USD Other Residential
6 photos
Lago Veneza 763
Valle Dorado $7,000,000 MXN 450 sq. m."+ 150 m2 de terrazas c/vista al mar" Other "4 niveles, 5 departamentos" Residential
22 photos
Carret. Libre Eda. Tij. , Suite 11238
Ensenada Cibola Del Mar $6,990,000 MXN 11,421 sq. ft. Single Story Residential
12 photos
Av. Felix Cordova
Exejido Chapultepec $6,589,500 MXN Single Story Commercial
13 photos
Cibola Del Mar Villas San Miguel
El Sauzal de Rodriguez $5,500,000 MXN 5,382 sq. ft. Other Residential
8 photos
194 Ha's adjacent to S.F. Airport
Airport of San felipe $4,850,000 USD Single Story Residential
19 photos
Paradise del Baja, Rosarito Carretera a Ense Km 45
Rosarito Cantiles Dorado $4,700,000 USD 24,124 sq. ft. Lot / Land Commercial
7 photos
Ensenada $4,480,000 MXN Single Story Residential
15 photos
Macheros #143, entre las calles Primera y Segunda
Ensenada Zona Centro $3,900,000 MXN 862 sq. ft. Commercial Commercial
20 photos
Tijuana Tijuana $3,900,000 USD 143,493 sq. ft. Multiplex Multifamily
31 photos
Av. Guadalupe Victoria #443
Ensenada Costa Azul $3,890,000 MXN 5,095 sq. ft. 2 Storey Residential
42 photos
Calle 19 Norte #245
Ensenada Exejido Chapultepec $3,850,000 MXN 5,167 sq. ft. 2 Storey Residential
22 photos
Loma Dorada $3,800,000 MXN 220 sq. m."APROXIMADAMENTE" 2 Storey "MAGNIFICO ESTADO" Residential
30 photos
Medusas #15
Playa Ensenada $3,675,000 MXN 283 sq. m. Apartment Multifamily
10 photos
Blvd Costero
Playa Ensenada $3,600,000 USD 39,466 sq. ft. 3 Story Commercial
18 photos
Av. de las Rosas #47
Juan Diego Residencial $3,550,000 MXN 2,196 sq. ft. Single Story Residential
8 photos
Calle Once #775
Ensenada Centro $3,295,000 MXN 625 sq. m. Commercial Commercial
17 photos
Quinta Astoria los Olivos, Fraccionamiento Cubillas, Suite 3261(New Construction)
Cacho $3,250,000 MXN 77 sq. ft. Apartment Condominium
53 photos
Calle Jade #366
Ensenada Pedregal Playitas $3,129,000 MXN 3,229 sq. ft. 2 Storey Residential
8 photos
Av. Sauzal #267
Ensenada Nueva Ensenada $2,800,000 MXN 2,641 sq. ft. Apartment Residential
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