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No obligation Comparative Market Analysis for Baja California Sellers


The correct selling price of a home is the price that buyers are willing to pay. To assist you in determining the correct asking price we can generally provide you with a market analysis of comparable properties sold and offered for sale in your neighborhood, although this can be a difficult process in Mexico.

It is easy to discover what others are asking for homes which have NOT sold, but no public records exist on what actual selling prices of those which have sold are.  Please scroll down below the form to see other methods of determining a price the market should react favorably to, so your home does not join the many other "Stale" listings so common in Baja.


Simply enter your criteria below, and we will provide you with a speedy response. The more information given, the more accurate the evaluation. All information you provide is secure and will be kept strictly confidential.  There is no obligation.  Please indicate when you are thinking of selling and if you are moving within the Baja Gold Coast corridoror relocating elsewhere. 

Please describe any special features and recent upgrades.
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Comparative Market Analysis and Cost Analysis

The most common form of analyzing the value of a home to be freshly put on the market, or value of an existing home on the market in other areas, such as most of the USA and Canada, is called a Comparative Market Analysis, which is done by comparing what other similar properties in size, age and location have recently sold for, as well as what others available now are asking for a sales price.  Unfortunately, this is not readily acomplished, nor very accurate in the "Gold Coast" corridor of Baja California.

Reason #1:  There is no central database of the actual selling price of recent sales to compare with.  It just does not verifiably exist

Reason #2:  Comparing to others on the market, often for a verrrry long time, only indicates what price a home does NOT sell for, as opposed to what the market would be prepared to pay.  Put simply, a properly priced home sells, and overpriced properties rarely do.  Too many in this market are priced by guess, incompetence, and/or greed, and this rarely works.

A method every home owner should consider prior to making their home available for sale is doing a COST ANALYSIS, which is much easier, more accurate in most cases, and often exactly how a buyer will evaluate a home before looking at it or offering on it.  This done by simply determining the current replacement value at today's market prices for material, permits, design and labor to build a similar home, then adding to that all other improvements such as landscaping, mature growth, decks and outside areas, plus the cost of the lot itself, were there no home on it.  Fortunately all of these are much more readily determined, and will give a much more accurate assessment of the true value of the home. Armed with the above information, you the seller, are in the best possible position to determine the price the home should go to market at, and ultimately, that will always be your decision, not ours, just as , ultimately, the true selling price can only be determined by what buyers are prepared to pay.

At MLSbaja, we know how to find buyers and work hard at it for you.  We also know how to qualify them so your time is not wasted with "tours and visitors".  Overpriced homes are all too often just used by many agents to sell another properly priced home to your disadvantage and inconvenience.  We do not "Sell" homes.  No agency does. We FIND buyers through aggressive marketing, and the ONLY thing that really sells a home, is the home itself. Think back to when you bought.  Was it the sales person or the home that sold you???   If the home is appealing, and works for the buyer, the only decision left is:  Is the price right?  If it is, you have succeeded, and if not the buyer will find something else.  Let us help you in determining that sales price before you decide.

Then ask us to MARKET your home, Not just "List" it, whatever that means?

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