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A Few Good Reasons To Own Your Own Home in “The Other” California


Many considering living in Baja, suggest they may want to rent first, rather than buy,

to “get a feel for the lifestyle” and see if it works for them.


They have done their homework, often for years, and know about the wonderful

San Diego climate, considerably lower cost of living, and close proximity to

friends, family and other amenities of “pricey” San Diego.


None of these principal reasons for living in Baja are about to change.


Still thinking of renting before buying?  Yes it is possible.

Please scroll down to the final paragraphs in red here.


We have all seen lots of financial arguments about why you should own your own home rather than rent.

These include being able to budget (no rent increases) and the freedom to make changes as simple as painting to

your taste or even remodeling or upgrading various parts of your home while increasing your, and not someone else’s, equity. Now let’s look at some additional reasons we often don’t think about.


Freedom to pursue other goals and activities in life once the major goal of security in home ownership is in place.


Strange as it sounds, many buyers suggest that once they bought their Baja home, other things in their life started

to fall into place. It's as though renting and not owning took so much of their mental energy that other goals were

not worked on until that big goal was behind them. So buy a home and get on with your life!


A greater sense of belonging to the community


Once you own in Baja, you feel more attached to the country and community in which you live.

You're more interested in what happens in the community and getting involved with the people, organizations

and functions which appeal to you, affect your lifestyle and increasing property value, which you seldom see a renter do.


A commitment to something, a sense of stability


Home ownership is a solid foundation, something that cannot be pulled out from under you. You'll never get a notice that you have to move and start searching for another compromise solution. You can plant a garden knowing you will still be there for the harvest and enjoy. It gives you freedom to plan years ahead and a place to always come home to.


You can change things, a feeling of being in control


It's your home. You can add to it, remodel it, change the landscaping, do whatever projects you want.

You have a feeling of being in control of something in your life. Renting is invariably an indefinite situation and

you don't often have control of what happens, but your home is your castle that you have dominion over.

You can see what you're building take shape before your eyes and know it is yours.


It’s an investment you can rely on


Put simply, it is real, you can feel it, touch it, own it and it is useful. At worst, it is always shelter and a place to rest your head. It has a sustainable value in relation to other homes in the area, as good housing and shelter never go out of style.

As populations grow, real estate will continue to be in demand, especially the finite amount of oceanfront and ocean view property in anywhere. It is unlikely building materials and labor will come down in price, while many paper currencies, including the $USD are very suspect in retaining their value in today’s unsettled economic times.


There may be some ups and downs, but in the long run, real estate has invariably fared better than any paper money.

Should plans change it is a tangible you can rely on. It can be rented or sold should the need arise, at fair market value.  


Rightly or wrongly, it is also a tangible investment many Americans choose not to declare to the IRS, while safely diversifying their money out of America, as tens of thousands of others have done while investing in Mexico’s coastal properties.


Still thinking of renting before buying?  Yes it is possible.


Rental and lease properties are almost always available and certainly a good choice for some.  Both short term or vacation rentals are available, generally at considerably higher rates than longer term leases of 6 months to a year or more.


In rare cases a "lease to own" may also be available, but the selection will be limited and may not provide the home

you need, but we are always prepared to place any reasonable offer in front of any of our sellers, so please ask.


The most likely "lease to own" will be found in the condo market, and in any case,

if considering a condo, we strongly suggest at least a one week vacation rental,

fully refundable upon purchase, prior to buying any condo,

to truly get a feel for what would be like to actually live there, both day and night.


NOTE:   A daytime only viewing can be delightfully deceiving, and a night and 24 hours/day can be far more revealing,

to truly evaluate the surroundings, proximity to amenities and any potentially serious concerns  many endure.


Most common concerns voiced by many condo residents along the coast are:


1. 18 wheeler road noise from both the free road and the toll road makes it tough to sleep at night


2. When the offshore breeze reverses to an inland airflow at night, what sewage odors might be present?


3. How convenient is it to shopping, restaurants, activities, and more importantly, to emergency services?


At least one condo developer openly offers a "try before you buy" option and at minimum a 24 - 48 hr stay should be part of any condo buying decision to truly experience the environment.



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