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Baja Malibu Lomas


Baja Real Estate closest to the USA Border

The Baja real estate properties on these pages are located north of Rosarito Beach and all are within 30 minutes of the border, great for frequent commuters, in communities like Playas de Tijuana, Real del Mar, San Antonio del Mar, Baja Malibu, and Punta Bandera, among others. 

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27 photos
Baja Malibu Lomas
Tijuana Baja Malibu 2 Story "Grand Estate Style" $469,000 USD Residential 6,000 sq. ft."Large 5 bedroom Home"
42 photos
9814 Farrallon
San Antonio Del Mar 2 Story "Large Oceanview Home" $462,000 USD Residential 5,000 sq. ft."plus + +"
37 photos
1212 Calle Monte Casino
Real Del Mar 4-Level Split "Feels like 2 level home" $398,997 USD Residential 4,100 sq. ft."Architectural Masterpiece"
59 photos
2651 Avenida del Pacifico, Suite 601
Costa de Oro Single Story "Some seller financing considered" $378,000 USD Condominium 2,137 sq. ft."Including large oceanview Terrace"
58 photos
1271 Duna
San Antonio Del Mar Single Story "SINGLE LEVEL LIVING" $376,000 USD Residential 2,472 sq. ft."Over 2,000 interior of home plus large garage"
73 photos
845 Farallon
San Antonio Del Mar Single Story "large single story home" $375,000 USD Residential 2,400 sq. ft."Plus huge outdoor living area"
51 photos
909 Farallon
San Antonio Del Mar Single Story "Rare single level living" $297,000 USD Residential 2,200 sq. ft."Less than $140 per sq ft"
44 photos
Bella Vista, Suite 104D
San Antonio Del Mar 2 Storey "4 bedrooms on second level" $279,700 USD Condominium 2,024 sq. ft."Interior space plus decks"
26 photos
2651 Avenida del Pacifico, Suite 304
Costa de Oro Single Story $276,210 USD Condominium 2,046 sq. ft."El interior tiene 1730 Sqft mas 316 Sqft de terraza son 2,046 o 190 metros cuadrados"
35 photos
Aqua Residencial 2651 Avenida del Pacifico, Suite 202
Costa de Oro Single Story "Propane available in these condos" $264,550 USD Condominium 2,035 sq. ft."Including Terrace"
25 photos
Farallon 1001
San Antonio Del Mar Single Story "Rare find in single level living here" $258,800 USD Residential 2,400 sq. ft."Approx, irregular octagon design"
Sale Pending
35 photos
Calle Farallon
San Antonio Del Mar Single Story "Single level living" SALE PENDING
$199,000 USD
Residential 2,000 sq. ft."Interior total plus decks"
31 photos
749 Cantil
San Antonio Del Mar Single Story "Plus laundry & storage room" $126,000 USD Residential 1,100 sq. ft.
41 photos
22 Calle Tajin
Baja Malibu Single Story "With Ocean and Island view" $115,700 USD Residential 1,100 sq. ft.
6 photos
Av. Mexico Lindo
Tijuana Mexico Lindo Commercial $4,500,000 MXN Lots and Land
20 photos
Tijuana Tijuana Multiplex $3,900,000 USD Multifamily 143,493 sq. ft.
Sale Pending
39 photos
BLVD. Real Del Mar
Real Del Mar Lot / Land SALE PENDING
$1,600,000 USD
Commercial 10,820 sq. m.
14 photos
urbi quinta del cedro rosarito
Urbi Quinta del Cedro 2 Storey $1,150,000 MXN Residential
53 photos
Fracc. Chapultepec, Octava Sección
Tijuana Chapultepec 5-Level Split $870,000 USD Residential 1,070 sq. m."CONSTRUCCION"
18 photos
Santa Norma 11735
Hacienda aguacaliente 2 Storey $795,000 USD Residential
16 photos
CANTIL, Suite 1014
Tijuana, Baja California San Antonio Del Mar Apartment $795,000 USD Residential
18 photos
Hacienda Agua Caliente
Hacienda aguacaliente 2 Storey $789,000 USD Residential 450 sq. m.
39 photos
45 Playa
San Antonio Del Mar 3 Story $700,000 USD Residential 5,400 sq. ft.
10 photos
Tijuana La Gloria Lot / Land $680,000 MXN Lots and Land 375 sq. m.
28 photos
Hermosa casa con alberca en Terrazas de Mendoza, Playas, Suite 40
Seccion Monumental 2 Story $650,000 USD Residential 985 sq. m.
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Spotlight Home
San Antonio del Mar


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